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Why You Should Look at Bathrooms More When Visiting Hotels

Most hotels these days are considered main attractions too. You may be surprised by the title of this article, but there are two good reasons why you should scrutinize bathrooms more when you visit hotels.

Reason 1: So you can make your own bathroom look sophisticated

sink-skirtYou can get ideas from hotel bathrooms for your bathroom at home. Not everything in hotel bathrooms is pricey, you know! For instance, adding a sink skirt isn’t expensive at all but makes the sink more elegant. Know how to add a sink skirt on your own by reading the article in Craftbuds. Spending more time assessing bathrooms will make you realize that some of the most sophisticated designs in a bathroom are cheap or can be achieved on your own.

You can add a place to perch, upgrade the containers by painting them with gold or silver spray paint, replace your mat with a colorful one or simple one (depending on the theme of your bathroom), install new tiles, and make DIY light fixtures. Don’t worry about doing bathroom projects on your own. Aside from the numerous tutorials available on the internet today, you can also ask the help of a handyman when doing projects.

Reason 2: To help you plan your own bathroom


Paying more attention to bathrooms is the right way to treat them; it’s like you’re acting like a handyman. You first get inspiration or research about it before you do something similar or related. Doing some analysis will help you evaluate your bathroom needs, give you an idea about the best bathroom layout for you and your family, help you realize how essential ventilation is, help you assess how much space you have, help you maximize storage, inspire you how to light up your bathroom, and help you decide about the overall design.

Thyme-Bathroom-RGBMost hotel bathrooms are excellently designed, which is why it’s only reasonable for you to take a good look at them before you even finalize the design of your bathroom. Remember, even the smallest of bathrooms still require a lot of brainstorming and proper planning. So, next time you’re in a hotel bathroom, whether that’s in London or not, be sure you’ll think like a handyman. This way, you’ll be more careful about designing your own bathroom.

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Things to Do During a Long Layover in Taipei

Being stuck at an airport during a long layover is not something many travelers look forward to. Just thinking about what to do in a place where there are few options for activities or entertainment to make to make the wait time more bearable. Luckily, there are a good number of airports across the globe that make layovers less of a pain than they used to, especially for those who have to spend several hours at the airport with nothing much to see or do.

If you are traveling somewhere with a long layover at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei, worry not. The airport, which is the busiest in the country, has plenty of amenities for travelers who have a long wait ahead of them. There are comfortable seats where you can just rest or take a nap during your wait. Staying overnight at the airport is also not a problem. Just make sure that you grab a bite before the restaurants close at midnight.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Some of the things to do in Taipei airport include exploring its indoor gardens, enjoying the free Wi-Fi, taking a shower for free at one of the facilities available at designated areas, shopping for souvenirs, checking out the exhibitions on display at certain locations, and browsing on some books at the library.

Alternatively, a quick visit to the city is also a great option. Just make sure to check before your trip if you need a visa if you plan to leave the airport. The trip from the airport to the city takes roughly an hour, give or take five or ten minutes. You can visit some of Taipei’s must-see sights like the Longshan Temple, National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, and more.


8 Hyde Park Activities and Attractions that You Wouldn’t Want to Miss


Hyde Park is a world-renowned park that travelers to London should really find the time to explore. This park that covers a massive area of 350 acres has plenty of sights to see and things to do for locals and tourists alike. Nature lovers will love this place for lush trees, scenic lake, and soothing atmosphere despite the crowd it draws. With a wide area to explore, anyone can always find either a quiet place to relax or somewhere with a lot more activity for those who do not mind the crowd. Here are some of the activities and attractions that you may not want to miss when visiting the area:

1. Kensington Gardens – Kensington Gardens is a popular attraction in its own right. It boasts of verdant trees and lush flowering plants. There are several statues to be found along with memorials that offer interesting histories. To the north lies the Italian Gardens. It features some beautiful statues and a Tazza Fountain. The Allotment in Kensington Gardens is also another attraction that offers educational activities for those interested in learning how to grow their own organic fruit and vegetable garden. For art lovers, the exhibitions at the Serpentine Art Gallery should be worth a visit.

2. Kensington Palace – This grand palace has been a royal home since the 17th century. It is now the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with other members of the royal family. While it is a private residence, some parts are accessible to the public.

3. Enjoy a cup of coffee by the lake – The Serpentine Café is a good spot to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the birds that frolic around Serpentine Lake.

4. Row or swim in Serpentine Lake – A pleasant spring or summer day is a good time to go rowing on the waters of Serpentine Lake. There is also an area where you can go for a relaxing swim

5. Get active or play a sport – There is a wide range of sports and recreational activities to enjoy in the park. You can go for a bicycle ride, learn horseback riding, or play tennis with friends or people you meet at the park.

6. Go for a traditional afternoon tea – There is probably no better place to enjoy a traditional afternoon tea but in the midst of a breathtaking expanse of gardens with the Kensington Palace as a backdrop. The Orangery offers a wide selection of scrumptious breakfast and lunches on top of their traditional afternoon tea offerings.

7. Catch seasonal events – Hyde Park also has its share of entertainment shows. You can check concert schedules or wait for bigger events like the winter wonderland from November to January. Have fun during the holidays by taking part in the festivities and trying out some of the activities like ice skating.

8. Go for a walk and take the scenic route – Whether you are heading out somewhere or just want to have a relaxing stroll, Hyde Park is the best place to go for a walk. You do not have to take the bus if you are not going far. The park offers a more scenic route that can refresh your mind and body in the midst of the city.


Top Things to do when in Knightsbridge


Knightsbridge is not only steeped in history. It is also one, if not the most, of the most exclusive areas in London.  It is not in the usual itineraries of many travelers and even local tourists who may find the posh address and high-end establishments a bit intimidating. It is swanky and glamorous but not exactly the type of place most people would frequent. But if you look past the luxury that oozes out of this place, you will find that there are plenty of historic and modern-day gems worth exploring. And here are just a few of them:

Stroll around Hyde Park

Three hundred and fifty acres is a lot of ground to cover. But that is what makes Hyde Park a great place to visit. There will be no shortage of things to see and do. Stroll around near Serpentine Lake or get on a boat for a morning or afternoon of rowing on the water during summer. The park is also home to a wide array of wildlife. Beautiful roses and other herbaceous plants make the Rose Garden one of the main attractions in the area.

More points of interests are the Diana Memorial Fountain, Holocaust Memorial, Statue of Achilles, and many other statues and fountains. The Apsley House near Hyde Park is also worth visiting. While it still serves as a private residence for the heirs of the Duke of Wellington, a section of the property is used for the Wellington Museum which can be viewed by the public.

Explore Kensington Gardens

Kensington is a well heeled district in London. Its most notable landmarks are the Kensington Gardens , Kensington Palace, and Kensington High Street. The Kensington Gardens is a great place to explore. Lush trees and a wide array of flowering plants provide a spectacular backdrop to a vibrant landscape. It is less crowded than Hyde Park, which makes it a better option for people who want more peace and quiet.

The Kensington Palace is also a sight to behold even from afar. There’s a pond nearby where you can see swans swimming or frolicking across its waters.

Visit the Science Museum

Knightsbridge also has its share of must-see museums. The Science Museum located at Exhibition Road is known for its exhibitions. Some of which are even accessible to the public for free.

The Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius exhibition is currently open until 4 September 2016. And that is just one of the many offerings the museum has all year round.

Spend time at the Victoria and Albert Museum

The V&A has over 4 million arts and design pieces. It showcases artworks from across the globe. It has several galleries featuring an extensive collection of ceramics, jewelries, paintings, sculptures and more from different periods in history.

Like the Science Museum, the V&A also has several exhibitions worth seeing.



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