Why You Should Look at Bathrooms More When Visiting Hotels


Most hotels these days are considered main attractions too. You may be surprised by the title of this article, but there are two good reasons why you should scrutinize bathrooms more when you visit hotels.

Reason 1: So you can make your own bathroom look sophisticated

sink-skirtYou can get ideas from hotel bathrooms for your bathroom at home. Not everything in hotel bathrooms is pricey, you know! For instance, adding a sink skirt isn’t expensive at all but makes the sink more elegant. Know how to add a sink skirt on your own by reading the article in Craftbuds. Spending more time assessing bathrooms will make you realize that some of the most sophisticated designs in a bathroom are cheap or can be achieved on your own.

You can add a place to perch, upgrade the containers by painting them with gold or silver spray paint, replace your mat with a colorful one or simple one (depending on the theme of your bathroom), install new tiles, and make DIY light fixtures. Don’t worry about doing bathroom projects on your own. Aside from the numerous tutorials available on the internet today, you can also ask the help of a handyman when doing projects.

Reason 2: To help you plan your own bathroom


Paying more attention to bathrooms is the right way to treat them; it’s like you’re acting like a handyman. You first get inspiration or research about it before you do something similar or related. Doing some analysis will help you evaluate your bathroom needs, give you an idea about the best bathroom layout for you and your family, help you realize how essential ventilation is, help you assess how much space you have, help you maximize storage, inspire you how to light up your bathroom, and help you decide about the overall design.

Thyme-Bathroom-RGBMost hotel bathrooms are excellently designed, which is why it’s only reasonable for you to take a good look at them before you even finalize the design of your bathroom. Remember, even the smallest of bathrooms still require a lot of brainstorming and proper planning. So, next time you’re in a hotel bathroom, whether that’s in London or not, be sure you’ll think like a handyman. This way, you’ll be more careful about designing your own bathroom.

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